Tobago - your Holiday Island

Tobago is a beautiful, mountainous, green island, rich in flora and fauna with abundant birdlife and spectacular scenery. Tobago possesses the oldest tropical Rainforest Reserve (1776) in the Western Hemisphere at Main Ridge. It has the largest single brain coral in the world - at the Speyside reef, and numerous beaches where endangered Giant Leatherback Turtles come ashore to nest between February and June each year.

There are numerous dive sites to suit all levels of divers, with drifts, walls and wrecks. Scuba diving is well organised with the overseeing professional standards of operation.

Snorkeling is easily arranged, either DIY off the beach or by glass-bottom boat tours which are available at either end of the island. The famous Buccoo Reef is easily accessed from Store Bay and Pigeon Point beach in the south west. Several boats sail daily at 11am.

An exciting island to explore, car rental agencies abound for the hire of automatic cars, jeeps with hard or convertible tops, small buses suitable for groups or large families, and motor bikes and scooters.

Perhaps you will choose to relax on this inviting holiday island. Massage therapists will complete the pampered feeling and ensure a rejuvenated return to work when your vacation is over!

Just 116 square mile in size, Tobago has a ferocious colonial history in which the island changed hands 31 times, giving it a vibrant cultural history.

Tobago Villas on the Green are the perfect holiday base from which to explore and discover Tobago ..

Tobago map